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Bring the magic of candlelight into your life. We search the world over to offer you the finest selection of candles and candle accessories anywhere.

Candles can enhance every setting and enrich every experience. They supply warm light for a romantic setting; a soothing glow to wind down a hectic day; or dancing flames to celebrate a festive occasion. The moods and energies that candles can create are endless: their glow can be uplifting or calming, their scent powerful or subtle.

They can also complement any décor. They can instantly transform an ordinary room into one that is full of life and spirit. A line of votive candles marching across a mantel or parading down a staircase adds drama and excitement; a cluster of light on an entry table welcomes your guests to come in; tapers on your dinner table beckon those gathered to sit, relax, and enjoy their meal.

The art of decorating with candles is one of creativity and individuality. Use your imagination to create a candlescape that brightens your surroundings and expresses your mood.


Candle Tips:

  • Always trim wick to 1/4 inch and center it before lighting candle.

  • Recommended burning time is one hour per inch diameter of the candle.

  • Hold your finger in front of the flame as you blow the candle out. The air will flow around your finger and extinguish the candle from both sides. This prevents any hot wax from splattering.

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